Integrity, Transparency and Sound Advice are the cornerstones of REOM.


REOM offers the full suite of Project Marketing serives, from site procurement to Property Management.

We specialise in Off-the-Plan Projects including Land Subdivisions and 'In-Globo' land, or Development Sites.

Our strength lies in our industry expertise. We understand what it takes to produce a successful development, and have the building, construction and real estate knowledge to deliver effective sales outcomes.

A strong project marketing strategy is vital. We start by researching the market demand to determine how to maximise your value. With incisive market knowledge we deliver short term and long-term development strategies for more effective decision-making.

While each development requires careful analysis and research based on accurate market data, we go one step further to proactively monitor market trends and ensure your project is at the forefront of innovation. As industry experts, we dissect each aspect of the project including:

  • Location;
  • How to maximise your floor space to maximise your returns; and
  • Building design and quality.


Out End-to-End Solutions Include:


  • Sourcing and identifying locations with strong development potential and opportunities
  • Advice on development site purchase
  • Assistance and liaising with industry professionals and key stakeholders


  • Assistance with project design and development
  • Budget development and robust cost monitoring
  • Strategy development for successful results
  • Comprehensive feasibility studies and development analysis
  • Recommendations on architectural and interior design features
  • Statistic analyses of current market conditions and different market segments
  • Market evaluation and process monitoring
  • Customized project solutions


  • Targeted sales campaigns across all sales channels
  • Transparent purchase negotiations
  • After-sales service and assistance to ensure all settlements are executed accordingly
  • Affiliated network support to an end purchaser from all relevant industries


  • Comprehensive data of comparable values and property market reports
  • Detailed costing and feasibility analysis
  • Extensive access to off-market acquisitions
  • Vast network of Industry related key professionals


  • Complete Estate Management and Marketing Solutions
  • Extensive network of Builders and other related key professionals
  • Coordinating of Marketing and Selling Collateral
  • Systematic market evaluation
  • Collaborating Solutions


  • Conducive market property research
  • Strategic recommendations on property presentation and method of sale
  • Tailored marketing campaigns
  • Liaising and collaborating with relevant industry professionals
  • Sales negotiations
  • Ensuring and monitoring settlement process


  • Investment property and portfolio management
  • Full range leasing services


Our consultants provide the full suite of services, or can provide advice for specific stages and requirements.


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